the Wellness


The Wellness Refinery rides the space between well-being and free-spirited living. 

We’re inspired by the high energy and good vibes surrounding Sauble Beach and the community it encompasses, and continue to create 

Look forward to some delicious eats + drinks, good company, and shelves packed full of your favourite products.

We can’t wait for you to join us in pursuit of a whole and balanced life. 



the magic is in you, baby

The Space

Our smoothie bar, wellness cafe + lifestyle boutique is nestled in the heart of Sauble Beach, just steps from its sandy shoreline. Inside, a space everyone can enjoy, we’re serving up our favourite smoothies + smoothie bowls, coffee + superfood lattes, light bites + tasty treats. Encompassing more than just food, we’ve thoughtfully and passionately curated our lifestyle boutique to provide natural, organic, and consciously created products so you can enjoy a balanced and care-free life.

The Shop

Our selection of conscious and organic lifestyle products gives you the freedom to shop, care-free. Both online and in house, the shop is packed with your favourite products. Explore the beauty of natural skincare, our wide array of holistic lifestyle products, and so much more. Online shop coming soon!

The Community

From our humble beginnings as a seasonal pop-up, our community has never stopped growing, and though we’re constantly evolving, we have always remained rooted in wellness. We understand that small decisions make big differences, and for the sake of our community and for our earth, we continually strive to be mindful about the choices we make, bringing us all together in light of a more balanced and well-rounded life! 

Staying connected to you is important to us, whether it’s through our community events, sharing the story of our everyday lives through social media, or striking up inspirational and informative conversations through our blog – we’re here to reach you however you stay connected. 


Certified Nutritional Practitioner (Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition – The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Certified in Clinical Detoxification  (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Certified in Applied Human Endocrinology  (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Certified in Nutrition and Mental Health  (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Level 1 Reiki Practitioner