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the Wellness

The Wellness Refinery rides the space between well-being and free-spirited living. The brand was born in 2018 through wellness practitioner Saida Ilaqua as a way to merge her passions for creative expression, community and wellness.

What began as a summer smoothie pop-up quickly became a space that inspires connection and holistic wellness within the Sauble Beach community—for visitors, cottagers, and locals alike. Through nourishing eats and drinks, consciously curated goods, and inclusive and expansive events, The Wellness Refinery is a place for a wellness-forward lifestyle and heart centered community connection.



the cafe

Our high-vibe café is nestled in the heart of Sauble Beach, just moments from its sandy shoreline. We’re the quintessential beach town brunch + lunch spot! Catch us serving up smoothies and bowls, toasts and salads, coffee and lattes, cold-pressed juices, wine and beer, house-baked goods and more. Come in and stay a while, or order online to takeaway and catch some sunshine at the beach.

the shop

Our shop connects creative makers, ritual lovers and wellness seekers at the beach and beyond. Inspired by high vibrational living, the collection ranges from nourishing ingestibles to holistic lifestyle goods, with everything else in between. Our shop is here to inspire as you bring magic into your daily rituals.

the community

Our community is truly the heartbeat of our café. People from all places and experiences find themselves gathering here over nourishing meals and heart-warming conversations, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you’re passing through Sauble Beach or you’re rooted here for good, know that you can find connection at The Wellness Refinery — our team is always looking to spark a high vibrational conversation.

conscious living

Our ethos is rooted in our connection to the earth. It manifests in our space through our sustainably sourced goods in the kitchen, café and shop, our compost program, which cycles organics back into the food system in our backyard vegetable gardens, our BYO tumbler program, our recyclable and compostable takeaway containers and more! We’re always looking to learn about other sustainable and forward-thinking initiatives, so drop us a line if you have some eco-friendly inspiration.

Certified Nutritional Practitioner (Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition – The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Certified in Clinical Detoxification  (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Certified in Applied Human Endocrinology  (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Certified in Nutrition and Mental Health  (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition)

Level 1 Reiki Practitioner